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May 17, 2021 10:58 pm  #1

corona vax adverse events

I usually don't post quotes this long, but for some reason I could not link to the article itself.  That's odd.

Anyway, this comes to my inbox in a "letter style" form and then I usually click on the included link to read other people's comments, etc.  Couldn't do that today.

So here's some info from the article which I thought was important.  I'm going to include the link and hope it will work later in the day or at least sometime soon.

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"Here are other very troubling categories of VAERS adverse effects, as of April 30. Permanent disability=2,277. Doctor’s office visit=26,050. Emergency doctor/room=21,589. Hospitalized=10,684. Birth defect=103. Life-threatening=3,282. Yet, public officials and news outlets continue to repeat the mantra, “safe and effective,” and urge everyone to take the shot. 

Every person who receives the vaccine is supposed to be informed of the risks beforehand. I assure you NO ONE is being given these adverse effect numbers, plus the advice to multiply the numbers by 10 or 100.

Lack of informed consent runs contrary to every medical code. I can also assure you the FDA, which is considering whether to give full approval to the current COVID vaccines, isn’t multiplying the adverse-effect numbers by 10 or 100. 

Here is something else to consider. Even multiplying the VAERS numbers by 100 may not be sufficient, because the RNA COVID shots are employing a new technology which a) has never been used on the public before and b) isn’t a vaccine at all; it’s a genetic treatment. 

As I’ve shown in recent articles, the entire field of genetic research is riddled with lies, pretense, and unpredictable ripple-effect consequences. The notion of inserting a single genetic change into a person and limiting its effects to an announced goal is a fiction. Unexpected changes occur. And their negative disruptive effects, long-term, are unknown. 

Those effects will never be listed in any database."

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