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May 13, 2021 8:18 pm  #1

This isn't about "science"

What the hell would Anthony Fauxchee know about "science"??

He hasn't practiced medicine for 50 years.  (Practice - - that's a good word to use when it involves medicine!).

But let someone like Dr. Rand Paul start asking him a couple of hard questions, and Anthony Fauxchee folds like a cheap suit.

That's because he IS a cheap suit.  He'd have a hard time telling his ass from a hole in the ground.

"What the establishment really means by “respect the science,” however, is: “Do as we say, or else.”  They don’t mean real science and scientific knowledge, derived from research, testing of theories, intellectual debate and discussion.  No real scientist would ever utter the words “settled science,” especially areas of scientific research that are based on statistical probabilities, as is true of ALL medical science. (“The practice of medicine is all about statistics,” a young emergency room physician said to me recently).  The notion that the earth was flat was once “settled science,” after all.  Only ignorant buffoons and political shysters like Al Gore or Joe Biden (and your typical American “journalist”) would mumble such nonsense."

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