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May 11, 2021 6:07 pm  #1

Are all the "weather people" ignorant?

The morning weather reports just crack me up and also make me mad.

Janice Dean gives the weather for about 10 seconds every morning on FOX news.  Sometimes I wonder if she lives in the USA and has ANY IDEA how this country truly looks on a map.

She will talk (first thing, always) about the east coast, then SOMETIMES she'll mention the west coast, but she always gives AZ and then moves over to TX and up through some of the lower midwestern states and then back to the east coast and usually ends with FL.

This morning she talked about snow in the Rockies.  Does she even KNOW how far the Rockies extend and how big that range really is?  When she says "snow in the Rockies" what the hell does that even mean?  WHERE in the Rockies?  They go all the way from southern CO up into Canada.  So they cover a lot of area but she simply confines her statement to "snow in the Rockies". 

It's very annoying, but even worse it's totally inaccurate to state it that way.  If she isn't going to bother to say where it's going to snow in the Rockies, why bother to mention it at all.

Take a lesson.  Look up the weather in your area on your own.  Go to NOAA website or whatever but don't rely on tv weather for anything accurate.

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