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April 29, 2021 5:37 pm  #1

Here's what we need to do . . .

The dimpocraps are COUNTING on the Republicans to disagree with everything they say, do you disagree with that?  Well, what's the solution to that?  Think about this . . .

Republicans need to turn the tables on the lamebiden administration by agreeing with everything they say.  EVERYTHING.


They would not know how to react if suddenly, all Republicans (including the tv people/newscasters) started agreeing with all of the insane biden proposals in the "speech" last night. 

That wasn't a speech.  Did you see one ounce of enthusiasm for any of HIS OWN POLICIES?  I didn't.  COMMA-LA and pigface Piglosi sat there with their masks on (of course, they had to cover their faces to keep the public from seeing their smirking faces).  One of the big reasons for the facemasks is to keep from identifying people, do ya'll see that?  Without seeing a whole face, how could you possibly identify anyone if you had to?  Would a policeman/woman believe you when making an identification if you only saw the eyes and the hair???  Hardly.  I mean, you could say "I know that was Nanny Piglosi" but if you had no way to truly identify her (full facial recognition) who the hell would believe you??  It doesn't work that way.

I cannot believe that ANYONE IN AMERICA feels very safe right now, under this totally stupid, lame administration.  But if we suddenly turn the tables and agree with everything they're saying, they wouldn't have a clue what to do next or how to react to that "support".  It would be hilarious.

Just my opinion, but it's something to really really think about.  It might just solve our biggest problem.

Now biden is pushing his criminal, drug-addled son for some speaking engagements trying to defend his horrible actions involving his computer, as if those were fake photos (which they were not) or fake stories regarding his sexual encounters and his drug use?  It's unbelievable - - but mark my words, if we were ALL agreeing with everythng they say, they would be flummoxed.  They simply would not know what to do or how to react.  It would be worth front row seats, no doubt about it.  It would be very interesting to see what they would come up with next.

(Don'tja just love how biden tries to RUN or jog or whatever that is he's trying to prove when he exits the white house wearing his mask and then he quickly removes the mask to bolster his NEW ideas about the corona virus??). Of course those are really not HIS ideas at all - he has to be told when to stand up, when to sit down, when to open his mouth and utter stupidity, when to close his mouth to keep foul words and insults from exiting . . . the man is a disgrace but we definitely need to turn the tables on him and start agreeing with everything he and his "staff" are doing and saying. I HONESTLY THING THE DEMS WHO VOTED FOR HIM, FOR THE MOST PART, ARE FINALLY SEEING JUST EXACTLY WHAT THEY VOTED FOR.  SO ARE THE RICH PEOPLE, AND TO ME THAT'S TRULY THE FUNNIEST PART OF THIS WHOLE SCHEME OF THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION OF COMPLETE GOONS.

Now THAT would be worth seeing, wouldn't it? 

Republicans would have no trouble turning this all around before the 2022 elections, either. That's because Republicans are smart and they know a put-up, fake deal when they see it.  It would be so obvious that everything Biden is hammering into the heads of the immigrants and drug trafficers are total bald-faced lies and even those people would have to be able to see it.  They would have to come to know biden only wants them here for their votes - - but then what?  He wants to keep them on continuous welfare with OUR money (none of Joe's personally  stolen money though, and you can bet none of obozo's money would be going for any of this, nor pigface Piglosi's money, or Schoooomer's money, or Schiff's money, or Comey's money, or, or, or . . . just pick any democrap name and it will work).

Whaddaya think about my idea??  I would truly LOVE for someone to answer me, or rebut what I've said or anything.  Please register and speak to me you bunch of cowards.  Not afraid to steal my material and my words but too chicken to sign onto a platform??  Good grief.  Typical NEW AMERICAN ideas, I guess.  Sad though.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

April 29, 2021 6:13 pm  #2

Re: Here's what we need to do . . .

Harris hasn't even bothered to go to the mexico/usa border yet, but instead she goes to Honduras and Guatamala??

What the hell is that?  Is that leadership from a VP who'd been "appointed by biden" as the border czar?

Hardly, but it's typical of what she does.  She supports causes she knows nothing about.  She has a big mouth but no sane words ever come out of it, and to me it's amazing how she continues in a position of power.  You'd think her own party would be smart enough to get rid of her after what they've HAVEN'T seen her doing, right?

Ahhh, not on your life.  She's just perfect for this role, as far as they are concerned. 

And we Republicans should let her continue to think we support her stupid ideas and her so far "non-role" in the WH.  If she ever looks at replays of herself, she has to be embarrassed.  But then again, total fools like her don't even FEEL embarrassment because it's not in their nature.

But as I said above we need to support her and just see what happens then.  Her prime goal in her "job" is to antagonize the American people, and she does it well.  We just shouldn't let her see that it bothers us at all. 

Is anyone actually seeing what it is I'm saying here or where I'm going with this train of thought?  I sure hope so.  Only the dimpocraps WON'T see it because they're so damned blind.............

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw
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