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April 27, 2021 7:35 pm  #1

City Life: Jobs

The fact that there are jobs open all over the country and the owners of the businesses cannot get anyone to come to work was the WHOLE POINT of the biden cash giveaway program.  Even though biden is far too lame to be behind this scheme, you know there were many others who have been planning this pandemic/stay-at-home farce for the past 4 years (and more, really).

These elected backstabbers knew, but are now testing, the country to see how lazy and stupid many of the residents of the USA truly are.  And there are many who qualify for that title.

I was just watching FOX and FRIENDS this a.m., and they are having business owners on their shows who are begging people to come to work.  Many of the people they speak with tell them they have no intention of going back to work as long as the gubmint is handing out "free money".  This means those dumbass people understand NOTHING about economics.  At some point that money is going to have to be paid back and don't worry, the gubmint knows exactly how to do that.  And now we have illegals coming in by the hundreds of thousands and they want the free money too, and they won't ever work because they do not want to actually  become citizens of the USA, they just want our money.  That's a pretty good system they've walked into, with the help of quite a few crooked and stupid politicians (COMMALA comes to mind, as does SCHIFF and SCHOOOMER and that stupid arm-waving Piglosi).  This is not to even mention the drug cartel business now going on in the USA via Mexico.  Swell, just swell.

And believe me, we ALL WILL PAY. 

I really can't believe people fell for the fake pandemic crap where the rules change on a daily basis.  I just wish some of the idiots on tv would stop "Godifying" the damned vaxxines.  How incredibly stupid do you have to be to submit to an untested, untrialed vaxxzine and then wonder why people are dying from it??  Good grief.  I like Tucker & Sean,but they are as guilty of this crap on a stick as much, or more, than many other broadcasters.  People are actually willing to set themselves up as "test subjects" for this vaxxine program, as well.  More good grief.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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