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April 21, 2021 1:59 am  #1

Why would biden think it's his job to do things like this??

In my opinion, if the gubmint can ORDER people to take the vaccines (what are we up to now, 4?) and if people don't take them, they can't fly - - or they can't go here or there or do this or that, the next thing we will be facing is our gubmint idiots telling everyone they MUST submit to colonscopies or mammographies or any other "medical treatment". 

There will be no such thing as free choice anymore and we just simply cannot allow our country to go there.

Medicine is an entirely different branch of our lives than what the GUBMINT CAN AND SHOULD CONTROL.  Right now, with this administration, they shouldn't be controlling ANYTHING.  Nuthin'.

You got it?

This is why we NEED to get rid of Biden and his looney crew.  They aren't "leaders" they're "rulers" and the USA doesn't DO that.  They are in the wrong century for those antiquated ideas.

This is just me, however.  I just feel that gubmint needs to stay out of our lives.  They already take more of our money than a good, conscientious gubmint SHOULD take and now Biden wants more.  He claims he's gonna be taking that money from the rich, but that's really not true when you examine what really happens.  This ain't Robin Hood where the good guys take from the rich and give to the poor, no sir, not where Americans are concerned. 

The gubmint in the USA only want to "help" the illegal ALIENS".  Yes. No matter what stupidass, dumbass, lameass, sleepyass Biden says, he wants you and I and every American citizen to monetarily SUPPORT THE ILLEGAL ALIENS.  Are his politicians going to give up their jobs, their income, their livlihoods to support these aliens?  Hardly.  But the dems will do anything to get back at former President Trump because HE DID THINGS RIGHT and because HE DID THINGS THE WAY THE PEOPLE WANTED HIM TO DO THINGS.  Biden et al can't stand the adoration people have for DJT.  That's just a plain and simple fact.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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