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April 6, 2021 11:15 pm  #1

If the disease never existed, what is the vaccine for?

I am copy and pasting this entire article because I cannot find a link.  It's the one bad thing about his newsletter, which I love and read every month, but I never can find links to use.  Soooooooooo, I hope I don't get in trouble but here's the article - - well worth reading and there's some important stuff here.  Some of what he mentions about Bobby Kennedy's site and Del BigTree, I've already read and spoken about here before.  But hey, it never hurts to see this stuff again.

AND - - - - I've already had one stroke, luckily not a bad one, but that was 2 years ago and it had nothing to do with COVID crapola.  They don't know the cause, never did, never will.  It's just one of those things that happens.  I certainly do not want to risk another one just because of a useless, untested, unproven vaccine for a "disease" that doesn't exist and never did exist in the way it's being portrayed right at this moment in time.

My favorite question to ask people is one of the same questions he asks in this article: "If the disease never existed, what is the vaccine for?"

HERE'S THE ARTICLE, please read it, you won't be sorry.  From the newsletter of Dr. Tim O'Shea @ The Doctor Within.


Facts or Superstition? Betting Your Life on COVID Vax
 Talking with an old friend I hadn’t seen in awhile the other day.  He shocked me when he told me he was on his way for his COVID vaccine.  Thought he was kidding.  If I didn’t know him I wouldn’t have said anything because, unlike the ‘government’ and corporate media,  I’m for medical freedom.   We should all be free to take or reject any drugs or treatments offered.  Just like it says in the forgotten VI Amendment.      Social Darwinism - whatever. But I knew this guy as a friend, and having some expertise in the dangers of the new shots,  I gave him my best elevator speech on the perils of COVID vax.  By now, most of us know that:         1. None of the new vaccines are approved. Emergency Use Authorization status is not approval         2. The single most dangerous immunological experiment in history         3. RNA vaccines modify human DNA – permanently         4. RNA vaccines are completely theoretical – no proof of efficacy or safety         5. Instead of the usual 3-5 years, COVID vax had only 8 weeks of testing         6. Injuries and deaths are being censored out of media All this to no avail.  His only response:  I don’t believe any of that.  It’s not on the news. So off he went for his shot.  The next day he was fine, happy because they had told him that any side effects would happen in the first 24 hours.  Which is a complete lie.  The federal vaccine injury reporting system (VAERS) accepts cases 3 years after the injection.  Vaccine side effects can happen any time. Six days after the shot, my friend collapsed with his first stroke.  Hospitalized and released the next day.  The following day came the second stroke.  Still in the hospital. Wonder how often this happens? Time to update my vax injury research. Plowing through duckduckgo, free speech video platforms, as well as the heavily censored corporate media, we can still find these facts without much trouble:       In the UK, after 5.4 million got the new COVID vax, 107 died and there were 21 strokes.             A more recent reportshowed 460 deaths from COVID vax in the UK.    4 Mar 21       In Norway, 30,000 got the vaccine and 23 died.       In the US,according to CDC there has been a 6000% increase in COVID deaths since the vaccine came out, compared to the same 2 month period last year.         36 deaths Jan- Mar 2020 compared to 2213 deaths from Jan – Mar 2021        Here’s a definite stroke death from J&J vaccine:  Scroll down this link for many other fatalities.  These stories of actual victims of the new COVID vaccine will shock you, especially when you realize that most of them have been censored from everyday media. Of course all this is only a snapshot of the number of actual deaths and injuries from the new vaccines, representing a tiny fraction of the available research. There is always a wide variation of total deaths and injuries, depending on the source of the study and the date.    Accuracy is further obscured by CDC’s eternal admission: only 1% of vaccine injuries are ever reported.  So that means that in any of these studies you can take the total number of deaths or injuries and multiply it by 100.   CDC and FDA have always admitted that this would be closer to the actual numbers of dead and injured from vaccines. So if the latest published figures on COVID vax deaths are at 1700 – that means the real figure it closer to 170,000. And 35,000 admitted injuries from COVID vax – that means it’s really closer to 3.5 million. Right now. Today, in this country. J&J have begun testing their COVID vaxon teenagers in Europe and S. America even though the chance of “getting COVID” under 18 years old, according to CDC’s own statistics, is less than .0005.  And then only with a serious co-morbidity.  In other words  - kids can’t get COVID.  But that’s not stopping J&J – they’re also about to begin testing the vaccine on children and pregnant women!  Don’t believe it? Look here.         Gentempo’s recent Vaccines Revealedvideo series has brilliant presentations from Dr Andrew Kaufman, Del Bigtree and Bobby Kennedy.  Kaufman will explain how the original SARS COVID 2 virus was nothing more than a computer model of fragments from 35 different viruses – a theoretical pathogen which has never been sequenced, does not exist in nature, and has never been discovered in any human being.  Yet this is the virus on which all manufacturers are basing their COVID vaccines. If the disease never existed, what is the vaccine for? In any discussion of COVID vaccine, the pre-eminent issue that underlies all studies and published accounts, all editorials and magazine articles, always comes down to one thing: economics.  Bobby Kennedy gives a brilliant explanation in his February webinar about Fauci’s army of Principal Investigators in hundreds of universities across America, who all feed at the bottomless trough of federal largesse from NIH - as long as they toe the line and provide the assigned “scientific” studies that validate any vaccine or drug.   He outlines Fauci’s personal share in the hundred billion dollar vaccine industry, which is controlled by the CDC, and the monstrous powers it has usurped in the past few years. Whenever you listen to Fauci speak, isn’t it annoying to observe his nonstop, protean shifting and jockeying from one subject to another?  This is the hallmark of the inveterate liar, who always has a fundamental lie to protect, who will shape any details of fact or physical reality to conform to the essential fiction of his personal fiscal agenda.   But with Mr Fauci, the lies are so thin and transparent, and he is so very inarticulate.  It’s insulting to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.  We don’t mind being lied to, but at least tell us a good lie.  Not these Tom Sawyer-type fibs that a 10 year old wouldn’t buy. Did you ever get the feeling that He and The Pretender could be clones of each other? Or with all the advances in Hollywood makeup and prostheses, are we really sure they’re not the same guy?  Think about it - they’re both very nervous and ill-spoken, with similar mannerisms, the same diffident speech patterns, the same self-serving defenses.  Certainly here are two of the clumsiest liars ever ever to strut and fret across the American stage.  Do we ever see them together?  How dumbed down did Americans have to get in order to believe clowns like these? But we digress.  The coup d’etat that has brought down an entire civilization in the past year is dependent on one agenda:  creating a large population of the supremely uninformed, by means of an incessant stream of disinformation.  And then censoring out of public awareness anything that dares to examine this Cliff-notes indoctrination of platitudes, mantras, and soundbytes, as a substitute for actual science and research.  The result:  the indoctrinated think they’re the majority.   And thus feel confident in looking down on anyone who disagrees with their bovine superstitions. It’s brilliant – we are witnessing the pinnacle of mass conditioning in the entire history of mankind.  Right now.  In the past year we have watched mass conditioning inexorably devolve to mass psychosis. The whole process has taken years.  Masterfully co-ordinated and patient, the business of making people gradually dumber and dumber is not for the faint of heart.  Constant editing and refining of the original doctrines of Edward L Bernays were required to move us ever closer to our one party nation, one world globalism, this Marxist utopia where slavery is called democracy. A quick review.  It took 10 years for Americans to accept the idea of a flu vaccine - 2006.   Skip forward to today where  you have any number of simians walking around or driving around by themselves wearing humiliating, debilitating facemasks for a disease that doesn’t exist.Just because their smartphones told them to. How did people get so dumb so fast? In the 90s and early 2000s, computers were a marvel of information access – the supreme achievement of epistemology.  All the libraries of the world at your fingertips – the authentic Boolean search.   A quantum advance for civilization. Next came flip phones, and then texting, which actually united the human population and all at once made the world a smaller place.  Now you’d never be alone again.  Remember? Then came real the game changer – the Smart Phone.  Superb name!  The phone was smart, so now we no longer had to be.  This was the final tectonic shift in the homogenization of human consciousness.   Of biblical proportion.     An irreversible, unstoppable tsunami, compressing all political, religious, and sociological opinion into one.  And replacing them all.  Like one of those compactors for old cars at the junk yard that shrinks your SUV to the size of a washing machine in 60 seconds.   No longer was the internet a free-speech technology for providing open source information.  No, no.   That whole design had come and gone.  Now, with everybody carrying around the WWW in his pocket, with over 90% of it closely censored, and in a device which must have every bit of your personal information  –  this is the real coup d’etat.  The real social transformation.  Today our new Golden Calf is Control of information.  Control of public opinion – conventional wisdom.    Everybody thinks the same. And if you don’t, we’re making up new laws to force you. And to inject you. And to drug you.  And to change your speech. And to indoctrinate your kids.  In fake online school. And to hijack any election. The Smart Phone has replaced people’s lives.  Virtual life replaces actual life.   Look at any family get together.  Or dinner.  Or a group of people at any kind of meeting or social gathering.  What do you see?   People occupying the same physical space, but oblivious to their surroundings -  everyone hypnotized by his own Smart Phone…     Alienation. Isolation. Control. Exaggeration?  How about your kids at the dinner table last night? The cancellation of the individual.  Then all that’s left is this comatose group consciousness.  Without individuals, where’s the need for personal freedom? This is not some future dystopia.  We’re living it now.  Every day.  Why?  Because people don’t want to be informed - they want to feel informed.   The majority are too lazy to do a little reading, one level down from the common fare. Which you’ve just done here.  So watch out!  They know about you. My friend in the hospital – well he’s OK.  Because he’s not asking any questions - Completely willing to die on schedule.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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