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March 10, 2021 12:19 pm  #1

The whole thing is such a waste

If I were Trump, I'd be laughing my ass off at the ridiculous Biden team and their "rules and regulations".  But he probably isn't because he has to live here, too.

Biden, instead, surrounds the white house with barbed wire!!  Oh yeah, that'll help ALL of us, right?  He also must be paying Psaki BIG BUCKS because she's become a professional liar just like all the rest of the white house staff,  and all Senate and House reps who have not strenuously made their points clearly.

Also, I cannot understand why Tucker Carlson, Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier and a few other newscasters along with thousands of other "follow the dotted line" politicians keep pushing the COVID TESTING (which we ALL know has been denounced for inaccuracies several times) and they are also pushing for this untested, untrialed, unapproved (by most medical people who know anything about them) vaccines and how they DO NOT WORK AND THEY ARE DANGEROUS.  These people on tv NEVER tell you accurately or often enough how many people have DIED from this vaccine scam, now perpetrated by at least 3 vaccine making companies who have NO LIABILITY.  Do you suppose those people don't KNOW the companies have no liability??  I'd love to write and tell them but I'm not going to bother because they have a "line to follow", right?

I have no idea how many people have died from this or how many people have actually taken this crude vaccine because every time I hear a number it's different.  One time it's higher than before, the next time it's lower than before.  NO ONE knows who to trust (apparently there are not many people you CAN trust these days).  Personally, I wouldn't take a vaccine for all the green tea in china.

The USA and other countries could get through this "flu bug" much faster if we just practiced NATURAL herd immunity (not the kind of "immunity"(?) they claim can come from a vaccine).  That's a ridiculous notion.  People would be able to strengthen their immune systems, their immune patterns and their immune system capabilities if we would just be smart enough NOT to interfere, and let nature take its course.  Of course, there's just TOO MUCH MONEY to be made on a deal like this so they'll never tell you the truth.  They also will not tell you that this whole party-line "Corona Virus" crap was in the planning stages for many dimpocrap politicians like Adam Schiff & Piglosi and Schooooomer, et al, for many years before it was unleashed according to the "timing factor" for their little game. It's how they managed to get a meathead like Biden into the highest office in the land while no one was truly paying attention to details of anything but the faked virus. They LOVE to play with the people of the USA, most of which are like lemmings and will believe ANYTHING THEY'RE TOLD, which is just a damned shame.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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