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February 19, 2021 4:31 pm  #1

Why do they put women on TV

It's bad enough we have women making commercials.

But let me tell you that hearing them trying to talk about news isssues of the day is just disgusting.  It's their VOICES.

Women do not have the right voice tones to  be on television.

I could list lots of examples but I'll just give a couple right here.

First: Laura Ingraham - not only is SHE annoying, but her voice is very annoying to say the least.

Second: Rachel Campos-Duffy.  The woman does NOT belong on tv with that screechy damned voice of hers.  Good Lord.  It's very annoying.

I'm a woman but I don't think women should be on tv.  PERIOD.  Maybe on the old Camay commercials it was fine, but nowadays they all just screech.

Whaddaya think?

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