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January 19, 2021 2:54 am  #1

Convenient CoVid

"The state is now God, and religion has been largely relegated to worship of the state. This has been the objective all along.

This country has turned totalitarian almost overnight, and every claimed deadly threat falsely propagated by the state that has been intellectually challenged, has been refuted and then substantiated by strong evidence or fact. Invariably, the truth is ignored and said to be “conspiracy theory.”

This is no valid argument of course, but when the powerful ‘elites,’ their ‘owned’ politicians, and the mainstream media only have to convince the foolish masses, it is in most cases enough to just talk down and marginalize the truth tellers with pejorative language."

"It is as if the state rulers had set up a giant trap to ensnare the herd. Then panic was initiated by instilling great fear of a mystery ‘virus monster, and all began to run toward government to find safety. The trap was baited with state goodies, masks, cash, PCR tests, vaccines, and propaganda, and it was quickly tripped, and the American public was caught and locked inside. This simple trick was all that was necessary in order to secure the submission of the minds and bodies of such a weak and pathetic population.

Gullible does not even begin to explain the people’s reaction to this ‘Covid-19’ scam, and the ease in which most all were captured by the lies and deceit, while their freedoms were taken from them without resistance.

But ‘Covid-19’ does not exist; it has never been isolated, separated, or identified as a novel virus. There has never been any attempt to satisfy Koch’s Postulates in order to claim that a new virus is present. In other words, it has never been proven to be a virus at all, and the CDC itself has verified this fact."

A wonderful article, keep reading at the link below:

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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