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November 11, 2020 9:14 pm  #1

The Triumvirate

The joining of 3 medical systems could be our only answer to many, many diseases.

But our singular-minded "medical profession" doesn't want to explore ANY options other than the ones THEY provide because, heaven forbid, they might find something useful that is NOT from bigPHrmA.  What a disaster that would be, huh?

This "industrial" approach to "modern medicine" has had serious side-effects and consequences.  But who would/will admit that??

If you don't know what "triumvirate" I'm talking about, look it up.  I refuse to provide evidence for people who are simply too damned lazy to look for themselves.  But I will tell you it involves 2 ancient medicinal ideas, and one "modern" idea.  They are blended to use something from each branch.

American medicine (our current system and study it from the beginning, where you will also find it went off the rails)
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Native American (Indian) Medicine

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