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October 30, 2020 10:46 pm  #1

Azith is a health risk

This article is old (from 2012) and to my knowledge has not been updated so I am assuming the information is still accurate.  Azith is prescribed ALL THE TIME and is now being touted by our President (Trump) and by the medical industry as helpful with the "FAKE CORONA VIRUS".  What nonsense.

Azith was directly responsible for the death of my Mother, and I'm highly sensitive or allergic (or whatever) to the stuff.  I wouldn't take it for anything and I ALWAYS insist, instead, on amoxicillin if you must have an antibiotic for something. 

I'm not a big believer in the GAPS diet (not in any weird diets, for that matter, just eat good natural healthy foods, that's my motto, and everything in moderation is OK).  Some people need prebiotics (more helpful by far than probiotics) to help them along.

So read the article at the above link and take what you can use from it, ignore the parts that don't sound right to you or for you.  Good advice for everything, IMPHHO.

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