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October 28, 2020 12:12 am  #1

Need to avoid these?

Grocery shopping takes forever because you have to read all the labels every time. You can’t assume something is safe just because it was safe last time.  This is particularly true if you are trying to (of if you MUST) avoid "soy anything" and/or "canola oils".  Ewwwwww, those are both absolutely gross and they're pervasive in American foods.  Especially FAST FOODS.

It's actually almost impossible to find ANYTHING on grocery store shelves which don't contain one or the other or both of those.  It's a staggering eye-opener.  Even the health food stores are SUPREMELY guilty of this kind of thing.  It's hard to eat and still avoid these things.  No wonder so many children are having psychological issues - - I believe the highly contaminated food chain is entirely responsible for that.

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