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October 26, 2020 5:59 pm  #1

It will soon be peanut brittle time!

I always have peanut brittle around once the cool weather sets in.  It's one of our favorite treats to just grab a piece every time we walk by the bowl.  This is the very same recipe I got from my Mom years ago, and it's the nice light-colored, light flavored brittle, not the darker more "molassasey" type flavor that I never cared for.

I've even made it without the peanuts, because a time or two when I had the recipe all going to town on the stove, I discovered the peanuts I thought I had were gone!  My husband is always the culprit because he loves peanuts.  I prefer cashews and you can add those to this brittle, as well.  All different types of nuts taste good in this recipe, it's a matter of what you like best  - -  as well as what you have on hand.  Nuts are getting more and more expensive all the time lately, and I usually buy them in bulk from the health food store because the quality is better than the stuff from the grocery stores, and the prices come out about the same.

Give this a try for your holiday get-togethers.

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