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October 18, 2020 12:19 am  #1

It's the MAGNESIUM, stupid

God, American's can be so ignorant.  This information has been known for a long time and yet they refuse to utilize it - - because it's CHEAP and easily accessible.  I have to be careful with it or I get the scoots, but I just open the capsule and divide it into 3 daily doses which I take with food or milk, always.  I've never had a problem since I started doing it that way.  Some vitamin companies (the ones owned by the drug companies) have very expensive versions of magnesium which they sell online to unsuspecting characters who don't know an ass from an elbow.  But that stuff is no different than any other magnesium insofar as it's utilization by the body.  No difference whatsoever.  MEN SHOULD BE TAKING THIS DRUG AT ALL TIMES, especially if they are already dealing with other health issues. 

Great info at the link below, following this quote:

" . . . mainstream medicine has refused to elevate magnesium into its rightful place. When it is the first medicine that doctors should be prescribing, it has been the last.Magnesium works. Life does not exist without it. Our health depends on it.  It is the ‘lamp of life’ because it is the central atom in chlorophyll. Knowing that lactate triggers magnesium adds to the magnesium story; if more Magnesium did not spill into the blood during exercise, most would have a heart attack.The above researchers believe that this discovery might spur future development of novel drugs capable of treating cardiovascular disease, metabolic disorders like diabetes, and numerous other ills. Might and future are pathetic ideas. Magnesium can be used NOW with nothing added by pharmaceutical companies. Doctors worth their weight in salt already know that."

Magnesium is CRUCIAL for cancer patients. But do medical doctors tell them this?  Hardly.  Magnesium is cheap to buy, easy to obtain in several forms and it WORKS.  Can't have that.

It's also usually lacking SEVERELY in children who are "diagnosed" with fidigity behavior, acting out, anxious restlessness and many other disorders.  Another area where the "fake psychiatry" deals ONLY with deadly medications which generally make things worse instead of better.  In my family we've seen this with my oldest grandson.  But NO ONE will listen to me when I mention magnesium because it sounds too easy.  It's sad but predictable that people who are too stupid to do the homework about it are the ones who could use it most - heaven forbid my daughter-in-law or my son would actually read anything I send them - - or look it up for themselves.  I've tried many times to tell them that even if all they did was soak the kid's feet in epsom salt water or toss some salts into their bath water everyday, it would eventually help somewhat.  But they are stubborn and like all people their age - only THEIR DOCTORS have the correct answers.  A lot of good THAT'S done them so far and it certainly hasn't helped my poor grandson.

Ah well, gramma's are just ignorant and stupid, doncha know?  Except when they need money , , , , , ,


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