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October 14, 2020 1:46 am  #1


Even though it's been revealed that there really is no coronavirus at all, that won't stop the dumbest of people from panicking and hoarding.

Great article here from Daisy:

You can order supplies which will keep for YEARS from My PATRIOT Supply (located in Idaho) but there is a backlog there so it might not be shipped for up to a month, so if winter is coming to you soon (where I live it will be here shortly but the snows don't usually get bad until about February) I'd get out the stash of money you SHOULD HAVE BEEN SAVING FOR THE PAST 10 MONTHS AND SPEND IT ON FOOD.

As I said, the panic at the stores will not stop just because coronavirus is a hoax.  We now know that it certainly was just that - a hoax.

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