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October 13, 2020 12:16 am  #1

Newsom's drift toward "greenie deals" for CA

I have many relatives still living in CA.  They are opposed to all of this nonsense, which is why they continually vote against it, but it doesn't seem to matter what the citizens of CA want - - only what the GUBNER wants.

Many of those relatives say to me "if he's going to overturn everything anyway, why does he bother to let us vote in the first place"???  Damned good question, and Gavin has no answer.  To me this says he's catering to SOME POLITICAL FACTION on this cause.

You can be sure he's out there kissing asses instead of babies. 

AND then there's President Trump. who has the audacity to say he likes this guy?  WTH??  I think Trump's brain has gone on tilt lately about this matter - -  and for certain he's gone completely over the edge about vaccines and untested, unapproved drugs, I don't care whether HE used them or not. 

NOT EVERYONE REACTS THE SAME WAY TO CERTAIN DRUGS, and that's just a fact.  For example, I can take any form of penicillin but my husband cannot tolerate even minute forms of penicillin in any drug.  It's all over his medical chart in big red letters.  Me, I'm allergic to sulfa based drugs and luckily my DH knows that, so we are able to look out for one another if need be (often doctors don't look closely at previous records UNLESS something stands out in bold red print right on the outside of the folder, or nowadays on the computer).  I'm sick of computers being used for medical records and things.  For one thing they're mostly inaccurate, and for another it put me out of work!  I used to be a medical transcriptionist  (among other things in medicine) who also took shorthand.  Two talents which are now relegated to the junkheap of history, sad to say.  Both were much more efficient than what's going on nowadays.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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