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October 11, 2020 3:11 am  #1

If you own Apple products, should u repair or replace?

That's the question being asked in this video.  It's 18 minutes but well worth seeing if you own Apple gadgets.  They want you to think that repairing rather than replacing their stuff is against the law, and then you'll be fined a sum of money.


Quote from material included with the video at the link below:

"If you own an iPhone or another Apple product you might like to see this interesting investigative report from CBC News – The National. I’ve never owned an Apple computer and have built my own desktop computers so I can repair them if they break. I think many of these big technology companies are disingenuous when they say they’re doing what’s best for the user because if that was the case they would be making their products easy to repair and upgrade. Replacing a battery on a laptop or a cell phone should be an easy and affordable task to extend the life of the product."

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