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October 11, 2020 1:20 am  #1

Fire cider

If people would make, and use, their own fire cider no one would need to worry about having "corona" in the first place. Maybe I'll send a jar of this to President Trump!  I doubt that he'd ever get it because those numbskulls who "preview" his mail wouldn't have the first clue what it is or what's in it or what it's for, even if I were to enclose DETAILED instructions AND the recipe.  I do believe WADC has some of the stupidest people on earth residing there, and also working there.  What a damned shame.  Our nation's capital appears to be in the toilet.

The one ingredient I consistently have trouble getting is the horseradish.  It grows wild on our old farmstead/RANCH (which is 200 miles from where I live now and it's also already out of season, so it's kinda outta the question.  Our health food stores only carry the horseradish in jars already made into a paste.  I did use that last time I made it though and since I'm only after the flavor medicinally, if you don't over shake the bottle while it's "brewing in the cupboard" it works out just fine.

I use this in my cup of very weakly brewed black tea (because caffeine doesn't do good things for me!).  All GOOD black teas have caffeine.

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