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October 8, 2020 11:05 pm  #1

Lung relief inhalers

These are identical in looks to the nasal inhalers from vicks (or a couple of other companies, I get mine from Olbas for my nasal passages).  BUT - - this one is to be used orally.  You just put the thing in your mouth and breathe in rather than sticking it up your nose!  I've been using one of these for simply ages (bought it locally for about $4 when I first got mine - - I see a few online places selling them in sets of 2 for nearly $20 now. It's ridiculous, but they work VERY well for all lung related issues, AND THIS CORONA CRAP is a perfect example of what it should be used for.

Remember, you suck in on this thing through your mouth - - you don't stuff it up your nose.  Works like a charm to keep colds and sore throats etc., at bay.  I've ordered tons of them recently for my family members and so far NOT ONE OF US HAS HAD THE FLU OR ANY OTHER ILLNESS, certainly not the fake corona scam.

Check them out online or you can check your local health food stores to see if they stock them.  If they don't already stock them, encourage these places to quickly get them in their stock and advertise the hell out of them.  THEY WORK, my family will attest to that.
Don't let another day go by without looking for these and buying them ASAP.

******** IF YOU CLICK ON THE BLANK SPACE IN THE ARTICLE (where there should have been a photo), IT WILL TAKE YOU TO AN AMAZON PAGE AND YOU CAN AT LEAST SEE A PHOTO OF WHAT YOU'RE ACTUALLY LOOKING FOR SO YOU RECOGNIZE IT WHEN YOU SEE IT.  HOWEVER, I DON'T ORDER FROM AMAZON ANYMORE (not for well over 2 years now, since my credit card was compromised through that site and I had a terrible time getting things straightened out) but you can find places to order them online.  They usually come in sets of two.

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