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September 22, 2020 9:50 pm  #1

Drink Switchel on hot days - or any day!

Personally, we never drank this very often because we didn't have access to maple syrup very often.  My Gramma and my Mom used to make up gallons and gallons of ginger water for us kids to haul out to the fields while Grampa and my Dad and a couple Uncles and hired men were hard at work putting up haygrass (they stacked it until the early 1960's when my Dad finally bought a baling machine).

We had water from an old cistern powered by a windmill, that also had a pipe to fill the round water tank for the cattle and other animals in the farmyard corrals, and also the turkeys and chickens and other birds that just ran loose all over the place!  But at least they could help themselves to the water!

Anyway, you can get a good idea of the concoction here, and apparently it's coming back into "style" now.  All of a sudden everything old is new, or so they say.  It's not really new at all, it's hundreds of years old in most cases but the marketers insist on calling it "their idea".  Isn't there something illegal about that?!

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