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September 9, 2020 10:40 pm  #1

Get your immune system in order; strengthen it with nutrients

What a great article.  It's true - - you never hear about improving nutrition on tv or read much about it unless, like me, you subscribe to certain sites on the web.  I, personally, try not to overdo the supplements and I wouldn't dream of taking a multi-vitamin because they never have what most of us seem to need in large enough quantities.

I take Vit D3, K2, magnesium about twice a week, and a couple of other ones I consider important to MY health.  Your needs might be far different than mine - thus my opinion about taking a multi-vitamin.  I use Solaray products as much as possible because it's a good, reliable company.  My d3 is from Healthy Origins but most of the rest of what I take is from Solaray.   The reason I take the other brand for my d3 is because the carrier oil in the capsule is cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, and because it's REAL vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).  That's important (especially to my immune system!).  In the summer months, when we get natural sunshine, I only take 5,000 IU per day; in the winter sometimes we don't have REAL sunshine for weeks on end, so I take 10,000 IU from about November to April.  It all depends on the year.  Some people say it's not enough, some say it's too much - - that's just the way these things seem to go!  But my routine has been working for me for many years and I don't intend to change now.

But mostly my DH and I like to try to eat healthy foods (usually organic), we only eat pastured beef (we buy 1/2 of a 1/2 every spring and fall) and we buy farm fresh chickens and turkeys from a local producer we trust.

We love to cheat and eat desserts like fresh apples or peaches (made into pies or cobblers) or whatever is in season, as long as I can run the oven and not heat up the entire house, but we do that sparingly.  Fresh fruits are very good for you though, so even just eating a fresh peach is wonderful.

Just do whatever suits you but try to squeeze in some organic, fresh veggies and fruits EVERY DAY.

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