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August 15, 2020 10:12 pm  #1

How is this happening?

WHERE are all of our gubment people??  The ones who make the rules and laws, I mean? 

Certainly they could find a way to stop all of this nonsense, but truthfully, I don't think they're trying very hard to stop it, and I simplly don't understand it.  The gubment has control over the police, do they not?  Then why aren't they stopping all of the destruction going on and USING THE POLICE TO DO IT???

The whole thing makes no sense.  If this is what was going to happen to America, why did we try so hard to keep the people from South of the Border out of America, because it obviously doesn't matter who comes to the shores of the USA.


"The big public push, or more accurately warning, by government and media has now been ramped up to a very high-level propaganda campaign. The announced second ‘virus’ stage that has not happened yet, is being telegraphed in order to prepare the sheep for even more tyranny and police state tactics. This is meant to condition the minds of the public that a health disaster is coming, and that extreme measures will be necessary in order to protect the lowly and ignorant Americans. This is not a prediction mind you, but an absolute certainty according to the powers that control this false narrative.

The previous six months of lockdowns, isolation, quarantine, mandated mask-wearing, job loss, and economic destruction were purposely manufactured so that a planned second phase could be released on the public just as the normal flu season begins. These past six months were nothing more than a set up as a plan to weaken most of the population in this country, allowing for more sickness than normal once cold weather arrives. Those in control did this to knowingly weaken the immune systems of most all in this country, which will lead to a much higher level of sickness and disease just when the ruling class and government need it to advance their agenda of total control.

Fear mongering will increase exponentially, and as the flu season advances, so will the totalitarian response by the claimed authorities, and all enforcement will become much more brutal and oppressive. One look around the world will alert any paying attention as to what is soon coming the U.S."


A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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