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August 8, 2020 6:23 am  #1

20 of the most adorable trellis plants

I want to try this next summer, providing it warms up before July 4th.  It hasn't done that here for the past 3 years.  :-(  We have waaaay too short a growing season to start anything in mid July, for sure.  I could start the seedlings indoors but if they have to be inside too long, they will not flourish when they are transplanted outside.  They will be finicky and spoiled by then from the indoor conditions!!  Just like kids. I have to pick up a couple of those cheap plastic white fan-shaped trellis's though, because some of these plants do well in shade only and some do well in sun only.  It sounds like it would be much easier than planting things right into the ground and having the squirrels and rabbits digging the seeds up before they can even grow.  Since the stroke, I'm looking for easy ways to do things. 

You can even do veggies if you're of a mind to do that - cukes, even squash, etc.  Peas are a good one to try since they can be planted in much cooler weather than other veggies, and green beans are a given for this, since they are prolific all during the growing season.   

I would start with a long, narrow "box planter" and as the plants grow, just start training them up the trellis.  My gramma always had morning glories and my mom usually had nasturtiums, trumpet vines  and clematis. She also had a big, round bed of poppies but they weren't trellis flowers - but pretty.  I want black-eyed susans and sweet peas - those are two of my very favorites and we have the right growing conditions and time frame here where I live (usually).

In autumn or whenever they are done for the year and snow is upon us, just rip them off the trellis and start anew next year!  Why didn't I think of this sooner??!!

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