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July 21, 2020 4:51 am  #1

Fewer corona lies and more honesty would be helpful

I think America should now consider all masks and stay-at-home policies to be "optional" or the decision of the people themselves.  The "authorities" (mostly fake) know the masks don't help one little bit, in fact they make things worse for the human body.  But you know that, we've been over it a thousand and one times.

This is a great article.

I couldn't agree more (with the title of the article).  All the American public will ever get from idjuts like Fauci and Co., are lies.  They've proven it over and over and yet Americans who are totally uninformed fall for it.  It's truly remarkable.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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