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July 11, 2020 10:17 pm  #1

xylitol vs erythritol

My husband and our diabetic friend both prefer erythritol.  They both said that xylitol has a terrible after-taste and erythritol had basically no after-taste at all.  My DH can have real sugar it's just that we try to avoid too much sugar, if possible. 

This is a good article comparing the two items:

The stuff we buy is from NOW Foods.

We also use a lot of honey, and this is the one we've been using lately.

***  We always have used the pure honey from Edwin Shank but we can't get it now because of all the corona crap - - they aren't able to ship it, I guess.  He has the best stuff though, if you can wait.  He is online at The Family Cow.


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