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Sat Jul 4 3:04 pm  #1

Why does the media continue to distort the REAL news about corona?

Here are a couple of quotes from the article at the link below.  I do not understand why we allow the media mental midgets to report on this stuff when there are many people out there (like this writer, for instance) who aren't afraid to report the truth. I'm a hard-headed Swede so no one is going to convince me that "exposure" (or as it's often called 'herd immunity') isn't the answer here.  Sure, there was an uptick in the NUMBER of cases, but there wasn't an UPTICK in the number of deaths, in fact, just the opposite.  That's the point many of us have been trying to make from the get-go of this thing.  It's like any other viral disease - - you must be exposed to it in order to build immunity to it, because if it makes a resurgance at another time, you would/could be worse off if you were hiding in your basement like that egghead from CNN (Cuomo) but he failed to admit for a long time that he, in fact, left his basement long enough to get a haircut or some dumb thing.  Yeah, a haircut - - that's real important during a supposed "health crisis".  What a jerk.  He's just ONE of the jerks who should never be reporting on the statistics which go along with a thing like this virus situation.  He doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground.


"The point here is that the number of new cases is meaningless propaganda. Many of those new cases came as a result of more testing, and many more came from what I consider fraudulent reporting.

And, as reader Michael Jenkins correctly points out, 'even the death rate reported is, in all likelihood, grossly exaggerated.'

Forget the number of “new cases.” What we need to keep our eyes on is the death rate."


"In case you weren’t aware of this, Sweden refused to go into a lockdown mode. Restaurants remained open, bars remained open, the entire country remained open, all because Swedish authorities decided to let the virus run its course. They expected the country to reach what is known as “herd immunity.” And they succeeded!"


People confuse fact with pure fiction, in most cases, and they refuse to believe the truth when they hear it.  There's just no help for people who are that dumb (including asshole Cuomo and his ridiculous Gubner brother).

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