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August 3, 2017 10:29 am  #1

Hamburger is NOT boring!

This is a good article from Stanley Fishman over at

One of our favorite summer/fall treats is homemade pizza burgers. I mix hamburger (usually my homemade burger from roasts and sirloins, etc., that we didn't get used up before our new batch of grass-fed beef was ready for the freezer) with an egg or two (depending on size of egg and amount of burger being used) some cracker crumbs or bread crumbs (I never use oatmeal, yuk) and I open a can of organic pizza sauce (I rarely make this homemade anymore because we just don't use it fast enough now that the kids are all gone from home). Add just a little sauce at a time because you don't want the burgers to be soupy, just enough sauce for flavor. Mix that by hand in a large bowl, add in some chopped green onion (tops and all), some celery seed, a little bit of allspice, some sea salt and grated black peppercorns - and the secret to my pizza burgers is the anise seed.  I crush mine by hand in a mortar and pestle, but you could whiz them in a grinder of some kind, too. I have also used the powdered anise I purchase from the health food store, but the whole seeds give more flavor if you bash them right before adding to the meat.

Then make this into rather thin patties and fry. If there is excess grease, pour it off and save, and then continue to fry until the patties are well browned (we like ours even a little burned!). Cover pan and turn off heat and put a slice of mozzarella cheese on top of patti, let melt a little and quickly remove from pan before the cheese gets all over the place. Use a little of the saved grease in a smaller pan (or butter if there is no grease), slice your fresh buns open and brown the inside of the bun in the smaller pan, until edges are crispy and very brown. Then we use a knife and spread just a little of the pizza sauce onto the bun, slap on the burger, put the top of the bun on and start gobbling.

We often have these with homemade french fries made in my home-rendered lard, or if we don't want to go to that much work, I usually have homemade cole slaw or a lettuce salad on hand. A little cottage cheese and maybe a sliced tomato and a pickle, and we've got a meal.

When I was growing up our small-town drive-in (eatery) had a brand of pizza burgers called a DeMac burger (the logo was a guy with a huge, pinocchio-type nose) and they were out of this world good. I don't think they make these anymore. I did a web search a couple of years ago but couldn't locate a place to buy them, fresh or frozen. Dang those were tasty with a big ol' glass of cold root beer. We had the best homemade french fries in the world at that little drive-in run by two old German biddies. They were cantankerous but they knew their way around a kitchen, boy oh boy!

Almost everything in that drive-in was homemade except those pizza burgers and the ice cream, which was the soft kind, of course. Their hot dogs were homemade by their brother who was a butcher and he made the best hot dogs and german sausage (like Kielbasa and stuff) I ever ate. I'm not a big fan of sausage as a rule but his was outstanding. I miss that place whenever I get hungry for a pizza burger or a sloppy joe.


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