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November 2, 2017 8:33 pm  #1

Is this any way to run a prosecution?

Great reading, although not very happy news.  It would appear the gubmint can legally break the law and misconstrue and manipulate testimony.  THAT'S why they have moles all over the world who do the dirty work at the crossroads - I would imagine a lot of money exchanges hands in the process and the families of these moles come out pretty well.  The lawyers et al are out-and-out crooks who are allowed to BE crooks under Constitutional Laws they are breaking, but not being held to.  Whaddaya think would happen to you and/or me if we did what Mueller is doing??

"In a profound miscarriage of justice, federal law permits FBI agents to lie to us but makes it a crime for us to lie to them. Nevertheless, why was the Papadopoulos guilty plea kept secret? What was he doing between his arrest and his plea and between his plea and its revelation?"

"It appears that Papadopoulos was gathering evidence for Mueller, probably by talking to his former Trump campaign colleagues while wired — a process that would have been fruitless if his guilty plea had become public."

[MINE:  In other words, it was a trick on the American people.  Swell, just what we needed.]

"Papadopoulos admitted under oath that he lied to FBI agents, the courts will treat his guilt as certain. That gives Mueller great leverage with him. It also gives Papadopoulos great incentive to help Mueller — truthfully or not — because he knows he is going to federal prison. He also knows that if Mueller likes what he hears, a five-year prison term could be reduced to six months."

"It is bad enough that the feds can legally lie to us and get away with it, but can they also legally threaten and bribe witnesses to testify against us and get away with it? Can they do this to the president?In a word, yes."


A government which robs Peter to
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