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June 14, 2020 4:26 am  #1

THIS is what's gonna happen, soon

It's not scary, it's deadly.  You simply MUST read this.

Read on . . .


"People in this country apparently have no clue whatsoever as to what is actually going on with this “virus” scare. Bill Gates used continuous planted “viruses” to control users and to gain billions of dollars with his corrupt Windows platform at Microsoft. It is just this type of scam that is desired by the elites today, but this time the virus scares will be used so that the fix will allow Americans to be the human guinea pigs instead of computers. With mass vaccination of any number of toxic and poisonous [sic] adjutants (MINE: this should be adjuvants), with DNA altering nano-particles able to replicate, and also with injections that build tracking systems inside the body meant to allow for control over not only body and mind functions, but also all financial transactions, the trap is set.

This is not science fiction, and in fact is not fiction at all. It is reality. This is the future for all of us should this travesty be allowed to continue."

Here's some more:

"This government is a fraud. Almost the entirety of the medical establishment is also fraudulent, and is not interested in preventing or curing any human ailment or disease, but is interested only in expensive treatment, and drug delivery that guarantees continuous ill health and dependence. This is the same case considering pharmaceutical companies, “health” organizations, biotechnology companies, and certainly all bio-warfare labs. There is no good reason to trust any vaccine, nor is there any reason to allow injection of poison due to pressure from any of these fraudulent entities. The injection mandates are agenda driven and riddled with scandal and scientific fraud, and will be used to advance a form of genetic altering control measures never seen or considered by most in the past.This is not a Covid-19 problem; this is a government and ruling class problem. The goal is simply power and control over all society. This manufactured “virus” is just the excuse being used to allow the implementation of a top-down control system over the people. This agenda is being accomplished due to a false fear of a non-existent so-called deadly virus. This virus will not destroy the people, but the ruling class and all the political pawns response to this virus will destroy all of us if not stopped now."

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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