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May 27, 2020 1:34 am  #1

The Wild West

I live in a town about 45 miles from Deadwood and my DH and I often go there for summer celebrations (usually in the streets) and we've taken many, many of the guests who come to our home over the years, to Deadwood to "The Trial of Jack McCall" which is a street-pagent put on by the town of Deadwood each and every summer for many years now.  It's interesting, but no more factual than this article. The trouble with history, and I LOVE HISTORY so don't get me wrong here, is that it's all pure speculation.

Thing is, none of us were there so none of us have any idea what TRULY happened that day. Or any other day in history that far back, for that matter. We have old, old tall tales, we have old old gossip - - nothing more.  But it's a fun story to tell, I guess.  I, personally, never found murder all that interesting, much less fun.

We have many, many, many tall tales circulating right now about the very history we're living, so it's truly hard to believe anything at all.  My Dad always used to say "believe what you see, and sometimes you hafta question that, too!".  Truer words were never spoken.

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