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May 23, 2020 9:03 pm  #1

bezo's & amazon: crimial enterprise & bigger than you know

Bigger than you'll ever believe, and more powerful than our gubmint jackasses should EVER have let it be.  It's grown so large that, in reality, NO ONE is in control, not even bezo's himself.

"Get ready to see deep inside the darker side of Bezos' Amazon empire, as questions are asked about privacy, surveillance and product safety - and how you can be engineered, and your data can be exploited. Only read this if you can handle the truth."

The film is a little over an hour long (which I hate, so I watch in 10 or 15 minute increments, here and there throughout the day), so I have not seen this yet, but I'm anxious to view it as today progresses.


  • A Frontline documentary, "Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bezos," exposes the privacy and product safety risks the huge company poses
  • Data collection is the cornerstone and goal that drives Amazon's many businesses
  • Even if customers receive dangerous or fraudulent products from Amazon they cannot sue the retail giant
  • Amazon's Echo products gather personal information from listening in people's homes
  • Amazon has partnered with both the CIA and police departments in projects that raise surveillance questions

A government which robs Peter to
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-- George Bernard Shaw

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