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May 17, 2020 1:04 am  #1

Using EO's around your home

Info on 4 thieves oil.

It will not "protect" you from corona (so they say but I have my own opinions about that) but it's wonderful to use to clean around the house.  I use it in my mop bucket when I scrub the floors.  We have a rubber-based wood floor in 4 rooms, lineoleum in the bathrooms and only 2 rooms left with that nasty carpeting (the bedrooms, wouldn't you just know).  We will probably eventually put wood floors in the bedrooms but we now have to wait to see what the hell the economy is going to do.

I will tell you from the get go, that I NEVER ingest any kind of essential oil, even though some folks recommend it.  I just never felt comfortable doing that.  I use it in my diffuser, I use it on my wrists and forearms (mixed with a carrier oil like Argan or coconut or olive) and dropped right out of the bottles onto kleenex that I carry in my purse or coat pocket, I mix it with Everclear in a small spray bottle to carry with me to spray on my hands when I'm shopping (those cart handles are FULL of germs, ewww), and I often use it on an old dishrag or washcloth in the dryer with sheets and especially pillow cases.  I have also discovered that if I spray my hands with the bottle I carry in my purse it helps to open those damned thin plastic bags at the grocery and health food stores that we're supposed to put produce in - I see people licking their fingers and opening them and it makes me want to gag - then they touch the handle of their cart again.  See what I mean? EWWW.

4 Thieves is one of my favorite blends, although I've seen several different oils used within this blend, depending on where you get the information.  Usually it's Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Rosemary.  I have seen the mixture with Lavender to replace the Eucalyptus.  I think any of those are worthwhile to use, and I've also seen lime oil to replace the lemon oil - - that would be a matter of availability and personal taste, I imagine.  I usually have lots of oils on hand, but you can buy pre-mixed 4 Thieves blends online or in health food stores, too.  They aren't bad, but you can't open them and smell them before you purchase so it's kinda hard to tell what you're getting.

I also have a combo that I use at home, predominately at night before bed.  It's called "Breathe" and it consists of (in this order) Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Tea Tree (which I hate the smell of), Lemon, Pine Needle, Cardamom and Laurel Leaf.  I use this also in my room diffuser or in an old, old teakettle I keep on hand specifically to boil water with oils in it, because you don't want to use a teakettle for actual tea water after it's had EO's in it!


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