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May 2, 2020 12:09 am  #1

Sweden got it right

Quite a while ago, they got it right, but not one country took a lesson from them. Imagine that.  (PLEASE read the whole article provided at the link below, however, to form your own opinions).  This posting is just MY opinion, nothing more.  And believe me, I'M OPINIONATED!!!!!

To me, that is awfully strange.  It's almost as if the "elected and/or appointed leaders" (like dumbass Fauci) WANT the country of the USA to be locked down indefinitely.  In fact, I'm quite sure that's the plan, Stan. IT'S CALLED KILLING TRUMP'S ROBUST AND BOOMING ECONOMY BECAUSE THE DEMOCRAPS JUST COULDN'T STAND IT. Those assholes are acting (and I do mean acting) as if this "shutdown" wasn't their idea all along.  It was.

And we were all stupid enough for fall for it. The worst part is, a few states remained open, regardless of what the rest of the states were doing, and then they were ALL OF A SUDDEN HIT WITH STRANGE ANOMALIES.  

Personally, I don't think any of those anomalies were "accidents" at all.  For instance meat plants employing illegal mexicans were hard hit in a few states, and it's no damned wonder.  I'm beginning to wonder if America is really too stupid to figure out the problem here . . . no clue, but something big is going on, you can be sure of it. And it's designed so that WE THE PEOPLE will absolutely hate it, if you don't already hate the "lock down mentality" for the sheer stupidity it is.


" “We ran a simple one-variable correlation of deaths per million and days to shutdown,” he writes, “which ranged from minus-10 days (some states shut down before any sign of Covid-19) to 35 days for South Dakota, one of seven states with limited or no shutdown.”

“The correlation coefficient was 5.5% -- so low that the engineers I used to employ would have summarized it as “no correlation” and moved on to find the real cause of the problem.” 

While he concedes that New York, given its “population density or subway use,” may have uniquely benefited from its shutdown, “blindly copying New York’s policies” in other places “doesn’t make sense.”

Perhaps even more important is the example of Sweden.  The policies it adopted are “much less economically destructive than the lockdown in most U.S. states” or its neighboring countries. 

Knowing the demographic targets of the disease, “Sweden asked only senior citizens to shelter in place,” while the rest of the country continued operating stores, restaurants, and most businesses. 

The Volvo plant was shut down for a brief time, but has since reopened, “while the Tesla plant in Fremont, Calif., was shuttered by police and remains closed,” which is among the many factors which prompted Silicon Valley tech tycoon Elon Musk to
openly characterize California’s lockdown policy as “unconstitutional, outrageous, and fascist.”

The toll on Sweden’s economy was mild compared to ours, to say the least, but what of its Covid-19 toll?  Much in keeping with the other data we’ve long seen, the virus harmed a very specific demographic, and not significantly more so than other countries which completely locked down.

“Sweden’s death rate,” writes Rodgers, “without a shutdown and massive unemployment -- is lower than that of the seven hardest-hit U.S. states,” all of which, “except Louisiana, shut down in three days or less.”  Relative to its European neighbors, Sweden is “in the middle of the pack.”   Its death rate per million is “comparable to France; better than Italy, Spain, and the U.K.; and worse than Finland, Denmark, and Norway.”

Rodgers concludes:

We should cheer for Sweden to succeed, not ghoulishly bash them.  They may prove that many aspects of the U.S. shutdown were mistakes -- ineffective and economically devastating -- and point the way to correct them.

The data show that the Swedes quite possibly got it right, and we very likely got it wrong.  How did that happen?

Johan Giesecke, the former State Epidemiologist for Sweden,
gives us a clue."

You really should click on that underlined section in the very last line and check it out.  Informative stuff.

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