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April 28, 2020 3:23 am  #1

All about inositol

Two links.  Good ones, too.  If you know someone with health issues, this is IMPORTANT information for them.

"Choline/inositol supplements are commonly sold in health shops.  You want plain inositol.  Inositol (aka myo-inositol) is depleted from the body by coffee.  Be aware.  Inositol has 80% the sweetness of cane sugar (sucrose).  You can use it as a non-caloric sweetener.  Should help with bronchitis as well.

There are many other side benefits of inositol.   It helps with panic disorder, depression and anxiety.  It’s the bomb shelter pill.  We tend to eat more sugar when under stressInositol helps with sugar utilization.  Inositol is superior to metformin, an anti-diabetic drug.  Supplemental inositol improves sperm quality and raises testosterone levels in males.  It normalizes testosterone levels in females who have polycystic ovary problems (facial hair, etc.).  Inositol + selenium restores normal thyroid levels among patients with autoimmune thyroiditis (90% of low-thyroid cases are autoimmune).

Sounds like inositol is the molecule for our times.  Once the word gets out about inositol among the world’s confined populations, anticipate it will vanish and be on perpetual backorder.  So, I suggest you order it while it’s available.  I’ve already baked some anti-anxiety cookies using inositol as the sweetener. In case readers wonder what inositol is made from or where it is made:  Inositol is derived from rice bran. . . "

The second link:

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