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April 16, 2020 1:17 am  #1

Using azomite around your yard and garden

This makes everything grow stronger and healthier, although it is quite expensive. 

The stuff I have is granular, not a dust (rock dust is a different thing than azomite) but it works spectactularly well for roses and withering lawns when the heat is on for the summer.  Just broadcast it by hand (wear gardening gloves though) and then water thoroughly after applications, or do it on a day when you KNOW it's going to rain.  If you're hearty enough, you can even distribute is WHILE it's raining. Rock dust works well, it just doesn't work as fast and needs to be re-applied several times throughout the year, whereas Azomite usually only needs to be applied in the spring, although you can do a mid-summer application for good measure - - if you can afford it!

This stuff made my roses come back to life after some sort of insect attacked them last year during the terribly rainy and cool/cold weather we had almost all summer.  I loved the cooler weather but not many of the plants did!

My husband put the granules in his grass seed spreader along with the grass seed and slowly and carefully worked on our entire yard, making sure he didn't overlap anywhere nor miss any areas, (took him 3 days to complete) but we're not sure if the azomite did the trick or all the dang rain we had, but our yard is just as green as a pile of emeralds. I hand distributed a bunch of it along our row of 15 lilac bushes and they really went to town producing blooms last year.

We also, however, had a bounty of dandelions for the past 3 years  Our neighbors to the north did nothing to rid their yard of enormous amounts of dandelions for about 4-5 years running, and now our yard is full of them.  We had the weed killing people come for 2 years in a row and it didn't do a thing to kill them off.  The next spring they're right back again.  So we've just decided to live with them.

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