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April 15, 2020 12:35 am  #1

Vital information EVERYONE should know

** I posted this elsewhere on this forum earlier today, as well.  So if you run across the same information twice, you aren't dreaming!!


Here is more information that will be necessary in a "pushback" from the people - - and it's just gotta happen that way or we're doomed to fail from now on. People desperately need to understand what "herd immunity" is and they "need to understand how and why it works and is the best bet to rid our population of "viruses" like the current one being foisted on the public without a hint of real help from most doctors because they don't seem to understand basic medicine. 

Well, the guy who wrote this article understands (everything but vaccines, it seems, which I will NEVER support as long as I live, because we virtually and literally have NO IDEA what the hell is in them).  The vaccines could turn out to be more deadly than the virus itself, for sure.

"Our current everyone-stay-home approach is anything but enlightened by immunological theory.  Quite the opposite: As billions of people worldwide are currently in their homes, in close confinement, in situations of extreme fear and psychological distress, being told by their governments to go to the grocery store as rarely as possible, we are creating an environment which is more and more conducive for facilitating a virus with enhanced virulence in the future.  How are we doing this?

1)   Lowering everyone’s resistance to viruses by scaring, stressing, and discouraging them from normal activities including buying food and drink. 
2)   Keeping everyone at home in effect creates just the immunosuppressive scenario that fosters flu during the winter time -- cold, close quarters and stress. 
3)   Discouraging direct human contact including hugging and kissing, and directly loving one another suppresses immunity.  With social distancing, our species never would have made it this far. 
4)   Preventing young people from being exposed to COVID 19 short circuits “herd immunity.” 

In stark contrast to the quixotic fantasies driving our stay-at-home American approach, which sees all new viruses as equally terrifying, British health authorities are taking the more sober approach, one which is solidly based on contemporary virological, immunological and evolutionary biological theory: letting children go to school, to acquire COVID 19 and become naturally immune is absolutely the best way to assure that this new virus learns to peacefully coexist with we human beings.  Viruses have always been with us, and are part of our very genomes.

I have met few modern immunologists who believe, as Dr. Fauci does, that washing one’s hands 50 times a day is the best way to stay healthy.  At the Ghost lab at the Laboratory of Cellular and Molecular Immunology in the 2000s, we often discussed how over-cleanliness and over-protection from viruses and bacteria was a very poor public health approach: too much hand washing actually prevents normal development of the immune system, and leads to autoimmune and other immune-regulatory disturbances later in life.  That “hygiene hypothesis” is well known and well accepted by most immunologists."

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