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April 10, 2020 11:05 pm  #1

States showing good sense, some States still acting crazy

Over a NON-VIRUS. 

It's been the craziest of times.  My poor grandchildren think the entire country has lost its mind - - and they are right.  This is about something MUCH bigger than just convincing people they're sick.  This is about CONTROL.  But luckily, some states (like mine and our surrounding area) are fighting back (or never joined the stupidity to begin with).  I hope more States find the courage to stand up and say "we're not gonna take it anymore".  It'd be about damned time.


Quote from article at link below:

"Which state has the courage to become the Sweden of the US, and take a different (read: better, freer) approach to coronavirus?

As of yesterday, five US states remain at least reasonably “open” in terms of their implemented measures to fight the pandemic. Arkansas, Nebraska, and South Dakota have no state orders in place closing businesses and forcing residents to stay home, while Iowa and North Dakota shut down “nonessential” businesses but have not issued stay-at-home orders.

Three states, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Utah, have partial lockdowns in place."

"We were already in uncharted territory, but the coronavirus truly laid bare the deep and intolerable political divisions wracking our country. Governor Noem (MINE: Noem is from SD) and others could begin the healing process now, literally and figuratively, by showing us a way forward without DC. The virus could be the catalyst for a new map of America."

*** You can't say Billyboy Gates ain't tryin' though - - he's got every tv station and every commercial bent on pushing the "cure" for the corona virus (as if there actually WAS a virus) as staying home, staying indoors (how stupid can people be??) and for all of us to order EVERYTHING online.  Gee, who has an interest on things ordered online??  Just take a wild-ass guess.  There are thousands of people who will benefit (financially) from the stupidity of the masses.  It makes me sick. But at least some states are showing a sign of intelligence and saying no to this stupidity.

The biggest problem I can see with these 'stay in place' orders is that now even the online merchants have nothing left in stock.  Hmmm, guess billyboy didn't think about that, did he?  What a jackass.

I'm proud to say I'm of Swedish heritage (LOTS of it!) and I'm also proud to say I'm from South Dakota.  At least our governor (even though I don't care for her personally) is acting upon the agreements reached by her and her fellow politicians WHO WISH TO DO THE RIGHT THING BY THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE.  The highly populated states should be doing the same thing as what SD is doing, but they have fearmongered themselves into a corner and they'll NEVER get out.  Those are the people who love being "controlled by the politicians and the idiots like Fauci".  I hesitate to call him a doctor . . . he's a complete airhead.

More to come later!  Stay tuned.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

April 11, 2020 12:21 am  #2

Re: States showing good sense, some States still acting crazy

But who makes the decisions about what is an "essential business" and what is a "non-essential business"?

Well, I would guess legislators get to make those decisions and my fear is that, even though somewhat using their heads, a LOT of those businesses are hit and miss as far as being "essential".  What's most likely "ESSENTIAL" about them is who owns them . . . no?  A cousin, a brother-in-law, ANY relative - - does that count as an "essential" business??????

I guess it will all come out in the wash.  I hope Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams are right when they say that people and politicians (to some degree) are finally starting to see the light and do things right. 

This business of listening to airheads like Dr. Fauci (who doesn't seem to know his ass from a hole in the ground) is just insanity - - he needs the job, he obviously is broke and needs the money (har har!) and of course ALL the gubmint workers and super-rich people always know better than the rest of us peons, right? 

Yeah, sure they do.

You know what I think?  I think many of the people who were "sick with the virus" are on the dole.  They played some sort of role in promoting this disease as being the real thing (when in fact it's really just the seasonal flu and a LOT of people know that, including a few honest doctors).  Some of these imposters have a vested interest in seeing this play out as long as they can possibly stretch the truth, and how far they can stretch it before more and more people actually catch on to the scam scheme.

I also think President Trump sees through this whole farce and is probably waiting for JUST the right moment to pounce - after he figures out exactly whom he needs to pounce on and how hard.  I have faith in him.  We ALL must have faith in him cuz he's all we got right now.  I really hate seeing his political rallies being cancelled.  They always brighten the week!

Again, stay tuned!

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw
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