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April 9, 2020 12:18 am  #1

Wanna kill weeds naturally?

I've tried vinegar, I've tried bleach - - I've tried EVERYTHING I can find information about.

So maybe this will work - - as an alternate to poisons.  We have too many pets in this neighborhood (who run loose sometimes) to be brave enough with some of those chemicals which I don't like the idea of anyhow.

I'll give it one more shot before I resort to something "chemical" that I have to buy with gloves on!  I'm looking for more natural ways to do this, but some of the things I've tried just didn't work out.  Last year it rained ALLLL summer long, it seems, so I expect a bumper crop of "sidewalk crack weeds" this year, so I HOPE this works.  One thing that wasn't mentioned, however, is what type of salt to use.  I'm certainly not going to use expensive pink salt (like Himalayan) but maybe the pink salt stuff used to cure meats might work.  Also, I'm wondering if epsom salts (very cheap usually) would work.  I'll have to do some more digging to find out and if I do, I'll post info here for you to try, too.


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