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October 24, 2017 2:45 am  #1

the total embarrassment that is AfriCom

No duh.  The skanks who think up this junk are also an unmitigated embarrassment to the USA.

"AFRICOM - the US army’s new ‘African command’ - had been launched the previous year, but humiliatingly for George W. Bush, not a single African country would agree to host its HQ; instead, it was forced to open shop in Stuttgart, Germany. Gaddafi had led African opposition to AFRICOM, as exasperated US diplomatic memos later revealed by WikiLeaks made clear. And US pleas to African leaders to embrace AFRICOM in the ‘fight against terrorism’ fell on deaf ears.After all, as Mutassim Gaddafi, head of Libyan security, had explained to Hillary Clinton in 2009, North Africa already had an effective security system in place, through the African Union’s ‘standby forces,' on the one hand, and CEN-SAD on the other. CEN-SAD was a regional security organization of Sahel and Saharan states, with a well-functioning security system, with Libya as the lynchpin. The sophisticated Libyan-led counter-terror structure meant there was simply no need for a US military presence. The job of Western planners, then, was to create such a need."

Yep.  It's the JOB of america's "leaders", and america's military, to create reasons for military presence.  Think that isn't what ISIS is all about?  Think again.  This is where that ridiculous SuperPower mentality comes from, no doubt.  Stupid ideas.


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