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April 5, 2020 10:30 pm  #1

Big mouth brats

A clip from the lastest from Taki.  Link to the whole post is below this little tidbit. 

Some will find it interesting, others will not.  I found it interesting because this country, OUR AMERICA, is rah-rahing for abortions and now they're actually legal, even killing babies AFTER they're born, or letting them starve to death (same outcome).  And it's not even called murder!!  Can you believe how far down the rabbit hole we've gone?  Yeah, we're real brainy.

Then again, if the upcoming generation (the non-born yet) turn out to be as asinine and stupid as the current group of "under 30's", who would want them??  The current generation is a disgrace.  They're not able to support themselves, but boy do they have big mouths, and big ideas of what WE should all be doing or should have already done - FOR THEM.  They are selfish, as well as stupid and asinine.  Not great "future builders."



"If the current medical crisis and the eventual one-two punch of financial collapse and mass PTSD aren’t enough to signal that the body public has late-stage cancer, ponder the fact that America’s population grew less than half a percent in 2109—the lowest rate since exactly a century prior, when the Spanish Flu was decimating the world.

There were more deaths than births in 46% of America’s counties last year—up from 28% in 2010. Large dirty cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles all lost residents, many of whom fled to large dirty cities in Texas.

You may remember Baltimore, which in 1950 hosted a million people but last year dipped to below 600,000 residents for the first time since the Great Depression. Then everyone was given “civil rights,” the mayor encouraged rioters to “destroy” things until they blew off all that steam, and now the people who aren’t leaving in droves are getting murdered in cold blood. Things such as “crime” and “education” are getting blamed, but by now we should all realize what those words mean.

And as the dreaded baby boomers die off and more and more once-great American metropolises turn into haunted ghost towns, it will become clear that every subsequent generation consisted of “baby busters” who were so selfish they didn’t even bother to replace themselves."

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
the support of Paul.
-- George Bernard Shaw

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