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April 2, 2020 2:01 am  #1

April Moon

Well, it won't be pink but it will be full and pretty!  That is, providing you can see it when it arrives.  We are supposed to have a winter storm moving in later today (snowing slightly right now) so I don't anticipate being able to see it very well even on Monday night (April 6) when it's supposed to be at full.  It will be a half moon for a couple more nights.  (Short story about this history of a pink April moon)

And here's a chart showing the moon phases for April and it's always been of interest to me to follow this by the month, so I'm eternally grateful that Farmer's Almanac has this information at their web site.

One of my favorite topics is the moon, because my grampa farm and my Dad were big time moon watchers, and not just for the beauty of it but also for the phases which indicated what was necessary on a ranch where you run between 750 and 1,000 head of prime hereford cattle.  I wish it was still that way, but alas it was a thing of the past by the early 1970's.  I felt a great loss at the dispersion sale of our cattle because we'd put a lot of time and money into raising them properly (pastured only) and they were BEYOND healthy.  You don't see ranchers who care that much anymore, sadly.

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