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March 28, 2020 1:13 am  #1

Neighborhoods are coming to life again??

Well, that depends on where you live.  My neighborhood has always functioned the way he describes, nevermind some ridiculous "virus" or not, but we are "hillbillies" so I suppose that's why we were considered "strange" when we visited with our neighbors, even over the fence.  But usually, over a drink in one another's back yard on a hot summer day.  In winter, not so much outdoor "visiting", but enough to keep up with at least weekly happenings, and holiday happenings.

This article is better reading than most of the scare-fear-mongering CRAPOLA that's been shouted at us 24/7 for months now.  I'm so sick of it I could puke just from the constant "bad news headlines".  The articles get more and more ridiculous all the time.  We have friends who live on the east coast and relatives who live on the west coast, and those densely populated areas probably need to take some sort of precaution, but this business of holing oneself up inside and staying there is ridiculous.  PEOPLE NEED FRESH AIR AND SUNSHINE - - and so do their pets.  Git yer ass outside as often as possible and you'll never be sick, I promise. 

Some of the stuff in here is true, some of it - well, not so much.  But at least it will give you something to think about and get on the phone and call your neighbors, if nothing else, to set up dinners together or game-playing times, card-playing times, whatever floats your boat.

**  ++ ## There's one place in this article where I saw the word locus where I think the author meant to use the word "focus".  Besides, it's not locus - - it's locust - - if you're talking about the persistent, relocating bugs!!

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