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March 14, 2020 2:31 am  #1

Some "currently trending again" ancient wellness tips

Some of these are probably ok, but I simply cannot take a nice hot sauna and then immerse myself in cold water.  I think it would put me into shock since my stroke anyway.
  I never did like the idea.

Some of the others are probably worth looking into, however.

Here are the main ones he talks about: (link posted below)

  • A number of ancient wellness practices are now being embraced and promoted, many of which are rooted in the European wellness tradition
  • Spain has a long history of taking a siesta during the hottest time of the afternoon. The research on napping is mixed, however, with some studies showing benefits while others have come to the opposite conclusion
  • Mud treatments and mud wraps, which have been used therapeutically for 25 centuries, were popularized by the Italians during the Roman Empire. Mud therapy is often referred to as fangotherapy, after the Italian word “fango,” which means “mud”
  • Contrast therapy — a popular tradition in Finland — typically involves the use of sauna followed by cold-water immersion, either in a lake, pool, shower or bath. In the winter, immersing yourself in snow is another option
  • Other trending wellness practices include the Nordic diet, forest bathing and uitwaaien, a Dutch word referring to spending time outdoors in wild and windy weather


I never have "immersed" myself in mud either.  We wrap our feet only, several times a month, or we often used mud when our kids were little as a drawing thing if they got a sliver.  The mud "drawing" thing even worked for me once when I was in my early 50's and brushed up against a wicker handled basket and got about 6 small slivers in the side of my leg (I didn't even know they were there).  About 3 days later my leg was red and hot and starting to swell, so we got some dirt from the backyard and mixed it with some charcoal powder and a bit of water and made a paste, applied it with gauze pads throughout the day.  *** If you use this method be sure to keep the paste WET in order for it to draw.  We had tied a hankie around my leg to hold the gauze in place and my DH used an eyedropper about every 1/2 hour and dripped fresh, filtered water onto the gauze.  We changed everything about each 5-6 hours or so.  Worked like a charm, cuz by evening we could see the slivers and pull them out with a tweezers.

AND - I used to love naps but now that I'm older I just cannot nap for some reason.  It's weird.

AND yes, we spend lots of time outdoors in wild and windy weather!  No one could live where we live without doing that anyway - - it's just a part of NATURE and living here.  We love it.

Forest bathing is something we do without even thinking about it (during the winter months, not so much though).  We love to be out in the nature-provided beauty of our local area because we live right in the heart of a recognized National Forest area in the MOST beautiful part of America known to man.  But we're keeping it a secret as much as possible!!!!!!!  No interlopers, please.  We love to sit under the pines and all the other mixed-types of leafy trees and fish all day.  We take a packed lunch and spend hours out in nature whenever possible.  It's wonderful, we never want to leave the woods to come home!  We often plan picnics with our grandkids and they love to romp around out where there's trees and streams

Anyway, there are a number of great relaxing ideas here, pick at least one and just do it as often as possible.

I love articles like this!


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