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March 7, 2020 11:32 pm  #1

What could be easier than icebox cookies?

I mean, really, if you're in my age bracket tell me you didn't grow up on these types of cookies?!  Especially us "ranch/farm kids" who were starved by the time we got home from school (we usually took the bus and then walked the last mile or so home) but it was enough to make a tummy rumble, for sure.

Mom ALWAYS had a variety of icebox cookies in the fridge, so us girls would haul out a couple of rolls and slice them with a piece of thread (no rugged edges and they didn't flatten out that way).  The favorite of all 5 of us kids was just plain old butter cookies with pecans in them.  If no pecans available, then walnuts.  I remember sitting around the kitchen table at night after our homework was done and the 5 of us (sometimes our Dad would join us if he had time, sometimes even our grampa would help out) would shell the pecans and walnuts. 

We had many relatives in southern california at that time and they would send us bulk supplies of pecans, walnuts, pistachios, hazelnuts and even Brazil nuts (which at that time we called nigger toes, but that was long before the days of PC).  *It meant nothing to us, it was just what they were called at the time.*  We could have icebox cookies anytime it wasn't too dang hot to start the oven and I still feel that way about making them today.

**NOTE:  We NEVER EVER USED margarine (or as it was called then "oleo") and we certainly never used shortening.  We either used real farm fresh butter or we used pure lard (not the junk from the store nowadays).  So the taste of the cookie depended a little on your choices there.  My gramma sometimes used part butter and part bacon grease.  It made for an interesting, delightful texture and flavor!

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