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February 3, 2020 1:50 am  #1

A fun photo

Even though we have hundreds of them in our backyard, residing in our evergreen trees, they are always fun to watch.  They do, however, damage the top of the wood fence in our backyard because they use it as a highway!  They cross the street on the east side of our home and go across to the neighboring yard where there is a black walnut tree.  All of late summer and throughout the autumn season, they are back and forth hundreds of times a day. 

But the little stinkers bury the stuff they find.  They bury it in OUR yard!  But they have terrible memories and not good radar, I guess, because they have to dig up practically the entire backyard to find their stash when they need it.  This makes gardening back there next to impossible.  Those little squirts have dug up whole bushes looking for stuff.

But they're still awfully cute and those tails are wonderful to watch, because they use their tails to signal each other.  When my grandmother was still living in a 3rd floor apartment, her kitchen window was level with the roof from the floor beneath her, so she used to set out crackers with peanut butter on them and she always had lots of visitors.

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