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Thu Nov 7 3:41 pm  #1

It's a different political climate now, so leave it alone

Why stir up a hornet's nest?  There's nothing to be done about it 25+ years later anyway.  It's a done deal.

I'm not a fan of Bill Clinton but he managed to weedle his way out of the original charges against him (on many occasions not just this one) and he'll manage to do it again, so it would simply be a waste of everyone's time - - - except of course the reporters involved in rehashing the situation.

This article has the stupidest ending.  What in the hell does Kavanaugh have to do with this story about Clinton???  Very poor journalism, if you ask me.  See what you think.

I wonder if Farrow thinks maybe we should revisit the accusations against all past presidents?  What about all the accusations about the criminal activities of Lincoln, FDR, Nixon, Ford, and a few others?  Should we waste MORE time digging up stuff we can't change and even if we could would it make a difference??


The answer is no.  Let's just leave well enough alone for once.

A government which robs Peter to
pay Paul can always depend on
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-- George Bernard Shaw

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