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October 12, 2019 11:54 pm  #1

Ceylon cinnamon to treat diabetes

I've been talking to people about this for years, but humans are strange creatures.  If something is "natural" they expect it to work immediately - - if they get a pill from a doctor they will take it forever even if it's not working!  Crazy, right?  You bet it is. 

Here's some great info on the use of ceylon cinnamon.  I always order the stick cinnamon from either Mt. Rose Herbs or The Spice House, grind it myself and fill my own capsules.  I take one in the a.m. with breakfast and one right after the evening meal (we call it supper, some call it dinner).  Specific amounts of Ceylon cinnamon are less important because it is safer than the Cassia cinnamon (more common stuff).  That's why this article is important to read thoroughly.

Help yourself, and stop depending on the medical industry for all your needs.  Our society has gone bonkers in that regard.  What the hell do you suppose people did before there was a doctor's office on every street corner??  They took care of themselves because they had no choice.  We have choices now, but often make the wrong ones.  That's why I'm providing this info to get you started on doing your own research into this subject - - and you can use the "doing research" thing for all kinds of things so you won't always have to run to a doctor with every little concern.

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