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September 19, 2019 11:58 pm  #1

Comeback sauce

When I was in high school, we used to make almost the same stuff, only we called it "goop" and used it exclusively on french fries and/or onion rings from the local drive-in.  Goop consisted only of the first 4 ingredients in this recipe, and just a dash of the Worchestershire sauce.  It needed no other spices, believe me.  I made it even after I was married and had a family and they all loved it, too.

The original recipe for goop was an accident by a guy who was in the same high school class as me.  Don't know what he was aiming for in the first place, but this stuff went over like hotcakes with the kids who hung out at that drive-in.  He finally relented and told the ingredients.  Years later, that same guy owned another drive-in (after the original drive-in owners sold their business and the people closed it, tore down the original building and built an office building).  It's so sad now, when I go to my hometown and drive by the place where it used to be.  So many of the old "hang outs" are gone now.  I just wish time didn't have to move on and ruin everything.  Those were the best years of our lives and actually it was the best time for America, too.  Shortly after having a few good years, America's politicians couldn't stand the peace, I guess, so they stuck OUR noses into Vietnam and got us into that malestrom.  I don't think it was ever officially declared a war, was it?  It was war as far as my hometown was concerned because we lost quite a few good, young men, as did many of the neighboring small towns in the area.

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