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August 16, 2019 4:27 am  #1

Lots of "old time" remedies that still work today

And they work very well, I might add.  My gramma's and my Mom were great believers in plants for healing.  They used them in many different ways, and you cannot begin to imagine the number of times I've wished SOMEONE had written them down, over the years.  But alas, no one did, so I keep looking through ALL the sites I can find with old-time remedies.  Some of them are, of course, just kinda sorta stupid, but some of them I actually recognize parts of as being things my family did.

If you go through these, I hope you can find some helpful ones, too.  We should NOT be totally dependent on "modern medicine" (which is a lot of things but "healing" isn't one of them).  Most of what the phrma companies produce is pure, out and out poison.  That's why every label comes with specific warnings, and why every advertisement you hear on tv (and there are MANY, almost constantly throughout the day) has tons of "safety advice" at the end of each commercial.

Anyway, give some of these a look-see.  Interesting stuff, for sure, especially if you're curious, as I am!

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